Okay, Danko, (got one for ya) In a few articles I’ve read recently, growers are saying that if you don’t decrease your CO2 from 1,200 to 1,500 ppm down to ambient levels (300 to 500, l guess?) for the last two weeks, then you will pay dearly when it comes to density, flavor, color, etc. If this is true, then how am I supposed to run my new harvest-every-two-weeks setup fusing four 1,000-watt lights and four 4 x 4 ft. trays) without screwing myself on the endgame in the last two weeks? Like ( said, it will always be the tast two weeks for one of my trays, so what should I do? Should ( set up a „finishing tent to put each one in for its last two weeks? It seems that many people must be having this problem, so what gives, man?

Humbly and respectfully yours,

Irie Lion