I am a Jong time Soft Secrets reader, but a new grower. I am very interested in Lowryder seeds after reading about them earlier this year. I bought some seeds and am looking for some solid info on how to grow a crop of Lowryder. Buying seeds gets expensive quick Is it a simple matter of putting the best male that grows with a bunch of females? Or should I be more choosey of the females that I intro­duce to the male. I want lots of seeds, but I also want quality seeds. I’ve read the yield is approx. 7-14 grams per plant, should I pack as many females in as possi­ble to get a lot of seeds? I’ve read also that natural pollination like that produces a lot of seeds. Would you recommend using only one male to pollinate, or multiple males? Any info you could give would be great.

James Highryder