My friend hasn’t been growing for very tong, but he’s had several harvests so far. He has an 8′ x 8′ room with a 600-watt lamp and about six to eight plants at a time. The plants look healthy and green, but the buds don’t seem to be fully developing, He’s using Botanicare Grow and Bloom along with whatever the salesman pushed with that line of notes. My question is Why are the buds not full like so many of the pictures I see? The pistils are very long, but the buds are mostly just strings of pistils. The buds are dense on the plants with long pistils, but when they’re finished curing, they are stringy, thin and not meaty at ail. Although the end re­sult does get him high, he’d like some tips. such as what nutrients you recommend or some grow habits he may be missing. Thanks for your time in advance!